CT's Historic Iron Truss Bridges
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Sandy Hook Iron Bridge

Sandy Hook Iron Bridge

Abandoned Road over Pootatuck River
Wrought-iron Pratt through truss
Length: 120'
Built in 189
Dean & Westbrook, builder

Sandy Hook Iron BridgeJust as Berlin Iron Bridge Company had its lenticular truss to distinguish it from its competitors, so too the New York City engineering firm of Dean & Westbrook used a distinctive component, Phenix columns, to set their bridges apart. Phenix columns were made up of rolled quarter-circle segments riveted together along exterior flanges. Patented by Philadelphia's Phenix Iron Company in the 1860s, Sandy Hook Iron Bridgethey were used extensively in factory construction and later for bridges. Like other unusual structural members, Phenix columns required specialized connectors to join the columns together and to provide anchorages for the eyebars and tie-rods that make up the diagonals and lower chord.

Other Sandy Hook Iron Bridgetypically Victorian features of this pin-connected bridge include the fancy builder's plates and the sunburst decoration on the portal bracing, both distinctive to Dean & Westbrook. Because this bridge has long been out of service, it retains many original elements, such as pipe railing and wood-plank floor, which have been replaced on other 19th-century trusses.

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