CT's Historic Concrete Bridges (click on images for larger view)

Putnam Memorial Bridge,
Bridge No. 992

Putnam Memorial Bridge, Putnam

Route 44 over Quinebaug River
Concrete arch
Length: 70'
Built in 1925
Connecticut Highway Department, engineers

One of the bridge's memorial bronzesThe State originally planned to build a much plainer bridge at Putnam's Cargill Falls as part of its trunk-road bridge program, but local citizens felt that a more stylish bridge, especially if it were dedicated to war veterans, was needed for this prominent downtown location. As one resident expressed it, "That bridge may be there for the next century. Why should it not have lines of grace, as well as strength?" One of the bridge's memorial bronzesConsequently, the citizens of Putnam appropriated $9,000 to reimburse the state for the extra expense of sidewalks, a wider roadway, and attractive brass lamps. They also paid more than $2,000 for the memorial bronzes, which depict infantry, aircraft, and naval vessels and list the names of the town's World War I veterans.

Stylish details of Putnam Memorial BridgeThe bridge was dedicated on Armistice Day, 1925, by Governor John Trumbull. The celebration included a parade that attracted 15,000 people, at that time the largest ever held in Putnam. The event was filmed and appeared shortly thereafter in moviehouse newsreels across the country.

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