CT's Historic Highway Bridges

Preservation Case Studies

Preserving historic bridges for future generations will require imaginative planning. The following case studies present five successful examples of historic-bridge preservation in Connecticut. In each case, transportation officals met the public's need for a safe, functional bridge. At the same time, they assured the continued survival of a significant heritage resource.

West Cornwall Bridge, Cornwall-Sharon Case Study #1: West Cornwall Bridge, Cornwall-Sharon

Riverside Bridge, Greenwich Case Study #2: Riverside Avenue Bridge, Greenwich

East Haddam - Haddam Bridge, East Haddam - HaddamCase Study #3: East Haddam Bridge, East Haddam-Haddam

Pin Creek Park Bridge, FairfieldCase Study #4: Pine Creek Park Bridge, Fairfield

Pequabuck Bridge, FarmingtonCase Study #5: Pequabuck Bridge, Farmington

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