Talcottville Main Street Bridge

Vernon, Connecticut

North end of bridge Main Street over Tankerhoosen River
State Bridge No. 4575 Listed on the National Register of Historic Places as part of the Talcottville Historic District

Talcottville's Main Street bridge is typical of Berlin Iron Bridge Company's smaller spans. In addition to its lenticular form, the bridge exhibits characteristic Berlin Bridge features such as the use of tapered uprights, floor beams that are deeper in the center than at the ends, "hairpin" hangers connecting the beams to the lower-chord joints, and the company's distinctive lattice railing with cast-iron rosettes. Only one orb-shaped finial remains as portal decoration, but presumably such finials graced the other corners of the bridge as well.

Structurally, the bridge is now supported on an I-beam structure hidden beneath the deck. The sidewalk along the west side has been removed, with its supports now carrying a gas line.

Today Main Street is a cul-de-sac cut off by Interstate 84. When this bridge was built, however, Main Street was an important road connecting the bustling mill village of Talcottville with Manchester and other parts of Vernon.

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