Main Street Bridge

Stamford, Connecticut

South side of bridge Main Street over Rippowam River
State Bridge No. 2212
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Stamford's Main Street Bridge is the only multiple-span lenticular truss remaining in Connecticut. Because it was built to carry a busy city street, it is unusually wide (34 feet plus sidewalks), and it also includes ornamental effects, such as orb-shaped finials, appropriate to an urban bridge. When Stamford's selectmen were planning the bridge in 1887, they obtained estimates for stone and wooden designs as well. The wooden bridge's cost would have been $9,000, Berlin Iron Bridge Company's bid was $13,000, and a stone arch would have cost $30,000. Around 1900, the need arose to extend the city's streetcar system across the bridge, so a series of concrete supports were built to support the extra weight of trolley cars.

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