Sharon Station Road Bridge

Sharon, Connecticut

East end and south side of bridge Sharon Station Road over Webatuck Creek
State Bridge No. 5191 Listed on the National Register of Historic Places
as part of the Sharon Valley Historic District
Recorded by the Historic American Engineering Record
(HAER No. CT-161)

Probably one of the smallest bridges ever built by the Berlin Iron Bridge Company, this 3-panel lenticular truss shows how in the late 19th century iron bridges were competitive for even the shortest spans. Except for its size (the span length is only 35 feet), it is in other respects typical of the patented Berlin lenticular design. The Town of Sharon paid only $550 for the bridge in 1885. Instead of having the company build it, the Town hired local people to work on the abutments, erect the bridge, and install the deck planking.

View of bridge before 1999 changes During the flood of 1955, the bridge was heavily damaged. At that time it was rebuilt with a beam structure to support the roadway. In 1999, the bridge was rehabilitated with a new concrete support system, abutments, and modern guardrails. Again, the trusses were kept in place, so the bridge continues to serve as a reminder of its historically significant fabricator, the Berlin Iron Bridge Company.

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