Town Bridge

Canton, Connecticut

East side of bridge Town Bridge Road over Farmington River
State Bridge No. 5222
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

In a rare departure from its patented lenticular design, the Berlin Iron Bridge Company supplied the Town of Canton with a Parker truss for this bridge across the Farmington River. The Parker truss, which has a curved top chord, making it stronger in the middle, was a common design for spans of this length. The bridge is unusual in another respect: it combines riveted and pinned connections. Box-section members such as the top chord, uprights and center diagonals are riveted together using small gusset plates, but the eyebars that make up the other diagonals are secured by pins. Although engineers debated the merits of pinned versus riveted construction in terms of safety, rigidity, and economics, this bridge suggests that the choice was also partly a matter of convenience in design. The bridge is one of the largest 19th-century through trusses remaining in the state.

Despite some missing cresting, the bridge's Victorian-style decorative features are unusually complete, including urn finials, curved portal braces, builder's plates, and ornamental railings. The Town of Canton completed a major rehabilitation a few years ago that retained all the bridge's historic character.

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