Carriage-Parts Factories Site
Hamden, Connecticut


Proposed widening of Connecticut Route 10, a busy road through the towns just north of New Haven, poses potential impacts to a series of industrial remains that lie just east of the highway right-of-way in the Mount Carmel section of Hamden. Stone-lined water channels, a breached concrete and rubble dam, a small stone-arch bridge, and several rubble walls were found in the woods just down the slope from the View of axle factory, ca. 1875.highway embankment in an area overseen by the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection. The State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) reviewed the project area and determined, in consultation with the Hamden Municipal Historian, that there is archaeological evidence for the Mount Carmel Axle Works and the Brockett Spring Factory within the general project area. The SHPO recommended that a professional reconnaissance survey be undertaken to identify and evaluate the archaeological resources exisiting withing the project limits.

The Public Archaeology Survey Team, Inc. (PAST) conducted a Phase I archaeological reconnaissance survey in April 2000. Because of the carriage-parts industry's importance to the economic history of Hamden, PAST recommended that the archaeological resources that remain should be considered as eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. PAST also recommended that steps be taken to minimize any intrusion upon the site or damage to the standing ruins during road construction. The Connecticut Department of Transportation, in consultation with the SHPO, has agreed to a design for the road that will confine the imporvements to the existing highway right-of-way. PAST's documentation of this site formed the basis for its designation as one of Connecticut's first State Archaeological Preserves.


  • Site description and related history

  • Archaeological testing and methodology

  • Detailed history of the Mount Carmel Axle Works site

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    This Web presentation is based upon archaeological investigations of the Hamden Carriage-Parts Factories Site by the Public Archaeology Survey Team, Inc. of Storrs, Connecticut, funded by the Connecticut Department of Transportation. Copies of the written report are available in the Dodd Center at the Universtiy of Connecticut, Storrs, CT.

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