Grohman Cigar-Making Shop
Archaeological Site

East Granby, Connecticut

Image from Scientific American, November 30, 1872, vxxvii, n22, 1


From about 1867 to 1887, German immigrant and Civil War veteran Peter Grohman owned and operated a cigar-making shop on the corner of Turkey Hills Road and Newgate Road in East Granby, Connecticut. The shop is no longer standing, but historical and archaeological investigations by the Public Archaeology Survey Team, Inc., have produced some interesting information about Grohman and Connecticut's cigar-making industry. The existence of similar tobacco shops in the Connecticut River Valley and the importance of tobacco to the economy and consumer culture of Connecticut make the site of the Grohman Shop a significant archaeological resource. Follow the links below to learn more.


  • Detailed site description and history

  • Archaeological testing (includes site map)

  • Details of artifacts

  • Biography of Peter Grohman

  • Cigar-Making in Connecticut

  • Civil War history links

  • Sources of Information

    This Web presentation is based upon archaeological investigations of the Grohman Cigar Shop by the Public Archaeology Survey Team, Inc. of Storrs, Connecticut, which were funded by the Connecticut Department of Transportation.

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